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      By pcdoc
      This week BYOB talks to Richard Gunther and Paul Braren on home automation.  Be sure and check it to get three perspectives on it.
    • pcdoc
      By pcdoc
      Well finished all the gyrations with Haswell and wrote it up on these posts.  The punch line is that there will be some growing pains.  Memory timings appear to be an issue just like the first gen Core I series.  Mostly in the motherboard which is good thing.  The Part 3 explains what happened.  In summary, safer to run on 2 banks of memory till some of the BIOS tweaks get implemented.  Affects several MFG from what I understand but I only tested 2 gigabyte models (2 each).
      Part 1 - Problems
      Part 2 - Success with the 4570S
      Part 3 - Lots of pain but ultimately success with the I7-4770
    • pcdoc
      By pcdoc
      Last night they released the Haswell motherboards and CPUs to retail.  I have been waiting for this to upgrade my main computer and my HTPC and I just picked up two boards and two CPU's.  Are you going to upgrade or wait this one out?
    • Guest no-control
      By Guest no-control
      AMD Hondo, iHomeserver, D-Link DAP-1522, Vertex 3 Max IOPS 240GB, and Raspberry Pie?

      AMD readies Hondo
      AMD Readies Hondo, a 4.5W APU slated for Windows 8 Tablet later this year.
      iTunes for WHS with i Homeserver
      Manage iTunes from your central library using iHomeserver for iTunes add-in
      Extend your WiFi coverage
      The D-Link DAP-1522 is a great little access point to help extend your coverage or just to bridge the connection to remote wired connections. The GigE switch is a nice touch as well.
      Same speed, but bigger
      Mike adds in another Vertex 3 Max IOPS SSD to increase his speedy storage space, but this time springs for the 240GB model.
      Mmmmm….Pie whaaa?
      Check out the cool little RaspberryPI computer. Starting at $25 and boasting HD playback capabilities. Any technology n00b can afford to tinker with. With a recent port of XBMC for it….velcro HTPC anyone?
    • G. WadeTech
      By G. WadeTech
      I am building a new PC (this one is not going to be a WHS) over time and would like to see what the communities thoughts are. This PC will replace my current desktop PC. I will expand on things more as the discussion grows.
      Requirements (needs/wants):
      USB 3.0 external/internal
      PCIe 2.0 x16 - 2 slots (for dual graphics cards)
      CPU support for Intel Core i5
      eSata internal onboard connector for existing PCI card
      32GB Max RAM
      Over Clocking ability for the Intel Core i5 Sandy Bridge Processor
      PCIe 3.0 x16 - 2 slots
      Touch Bios / Click Bios
      Enhanced USB charging functionality (super charger) on Mobo
      SRT - Smart Response Technology (this would be for a SSD HD later)
      On/Off Charge Technology
      Parts List:
      Items I have:
      2 - ATI Graphics Cards
      Full ATX Case (Fractil Design Arc Midi: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811352007)
      System Hard Drive
      Items I need yet:
      Motherboard - Full ATX
      Processor - Intel Core i5
      16GBs of RAM
      Power Supply
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BYOB Episode 62

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Long show this week. Logitech Link, iOS5, Corsair has more new gear, and answer the question: rack or not? While helping a listener with his huge home build. AMD Bulldozer does it push Intel out of the top slot? It’s a big fat one on this weeks BYOB Podcast. Leave your suggestions for build advice on his thread.



Mike gives his opinion after reviewing the Logitech Link

Logitech Harmony Link


iOS5 – is it all that and a bag of chips?


H2O on a budget and and SSDs if you have it to burn


Corsair announces the H40 and the H70 CORE as additions to their Hydro series of liquid coolers.

Corsair now has their 480 GB Force GT along with both a 180GB and 480GB versions of their slightly less expensive Force Series 3 SSD’s.

We weigh in to help listener Ellesshoo out with his home network


We noticed a listener post in the forums who was looking for help organizing and consolidation of his multi-PC home network. And beg the big question all enthusiast eventually have. Do I rack it or not?

Some links of the products we discussed:

Rackable UPS Protection

Standard UPS and Costco’s great deal

Rackmount server chassis

Lian Li Server Cases

Fractal Server Cases

Racks 2 post & 2/4 Post, Cheap bakers rack, More Racking options

Xeon E3-1230 & E3-1235 CPUs

D-link DGS line of switches


KVM Switches



Post here in his thread if you have a great idea or tip for our listener!


AMD Bulldozer should just have been called Dozzzzzzer


We only give our brief impressions based on testing from some of our favorite sites. So all this conjecture is without any hands on testing, but general consensus is Bulldozer doesn’t provide the bang for the buck that AMD is known for and it performance is on par at best against Intels current popular offerings, but with Intel’s Big powerhouse SB-E on the x79 platform coming in Q1 2012 and Ivy Bridge being released shortly (we hope) thereafter. We don’t see any reason to choose AMD over Intel. No advantage in performance or price. Don’t take our word for it see what others have to say and make your own decision.

[H]ardOCP general and gaming reviews



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