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Should Wi-Fi extenders be put in the open?

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I've got a NETGEAR AC1200 Wi-Fi Extender, which I use in the back of the house. Back there I've got a Roku, which connects to that AC1200 Wi-Fi Extender. We keep the AC1200 Wi-Fi Extender in the wooden cabinet of the headstand above our heads. We do that because the AC1200 Wi-Fi Extender has blinking lights which interfere with my wife's ability to sleep.

What I'm wondering about is if Wi-Fi extenders should be kept in the open, especially with the warm summer months coming on?

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If possible, it is best to keep WiFi devices out of enclosures to get the best signal. If it is functioning properly and not getting too warm now, I don't think the summer months will drive it up too much. Many network devices give you the option of turning off the lights.

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    • reiaya
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      sometimes, whenever I turn off the surface pro 2, with winsows 8.1 and then turn it on, i find out that it doesnt detect my internet, i click on the torubleshooting and it says that maybe is the dirver that haw not beimg read, so i need to restart it, and it happens so often that im not sure what to do, since the troubleshootinf thingy does mothing, and im driving nuts about needing to restart it over and over again.
      aaahhhh! i want to love my surfacepro and every week is a different nasty error with windows. today suddenly it stopped to functionnthe touch mode...and again need to restart it again. grrr... amy ideas?
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      Costco is selling the Orbi base and 2 satellites go 499.00. The time may be right to buy now.
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    • cskenney
      By cskenney
      Full disclaimer - This is my experience with setting up and using eero in my home.  It is not a comparison to any other mesh WiFi solution.  You can feel free to ask questions about my system and I will do my best to answer your questions or run some tests if that will help others.
      In early June after getting disappointed with my pre-order from another company, eero stepped up and offered me a heavily discounted deal to purchase their hardware.  I decided to accept their offer and I placed my order.  2 days later the box arrived.
      My home is serviced by a fiber to the home company that provide both internet and IPTV service.  As a result I need to keep in place the ActionTec T2200H router provided by my ISP.  My service that I pay for is 100Mbps down / 40Mbps up.  The same fiber is capable of 1Gpbs service if I wanted to pay for it.
      After some other discussions here in our forums I decided to create a DMZ Host using my ActionTec router.  I reserved an IP address for the eero router and then used that IP address to create the DMZ host.  My understanding is I should be able to get access to my eero network without having to do port fowarding or open ports on my firewall on the ActionTec.  I will test this out later.
      So my system is:  Fiber <--> ONT <--> ActionTec <--> eero
      The ONLY items connected to the ActionTec are now my 3 IPTV boxes and the primary eero.  I have wireless disabled on the ActionTec too.
      The primary eero is located in my basement in a utility room where my service comes into the house.  I have an ethernet cable coming out of this unit going to a pair of cascaded unmanaged 24 port switches.  This allows everything in my house that is hardwired to get an IP address from the eero router.
      The 2nd eero is located in my living room.  I have this one hardwired back to the the switches in the rack in the utility room.  I also have my Samsung plasma plugged into this eero since it will do IP passthru.
      The 3rd eero is on my 2nd floor in the master bedroom.  This is basically directly above the eero in my living room.  My home is newer construction but there is a dead space between the 1st and 2nd floors that is used for running pipes and ductwork.  For all I know there are HVAC ducts passing thru the direct path from eero 2 to 3.
      My 2nd floor was never wired with ethernet cables.  I may install MOCA adapters so I can utilize the COAX that is already running up there.  For now I am going to rely on the mesh WiFi since they only thing needing nework connections in the upstairs are phones and tablets (and possibly a FireTV stick).
      So now you know my layout.  Each floor has a eero unit to provide WiFi.  I should also mention that doing a scan of the airwaves at any particular time will show there are possibly a dozen SSID's showing other networks.  Most of these are 2.4Ghz but there are a few that are 5GHz and some are the latest AC devices (I have IT people that live near me).
      WiFi ACCESS Throughout the Home
      So this is an interesting item to discuss.  I previously uses an Apple Airport Express as a WAP while the ActionTec router did the DHCP work.  I could access WIFI from everywhere in my house.  However, the speed of this connection was not always as fast as one would really hope for.  I did not have any deadspots though.
      With the eero mesh network I continue to have solid WiFi coverage.  Now that I am looking for the best performance I am constantly testing my speeds.  By far the easiest test to run is  I can tell eero to run it's own speed test and then I can run and I get a pretty good idea of how much my connection is degraded by distance from the AP, etc.  
      One of the things I was really curious about was what frequency were my devices using.  Obviously the 5Ghz band would be faster at close distances and there is less interference.  I found I could run Wi-Fi Sweetspots on my iPhone 6.  It will show me theoretically the wifi speed connection and changes as you walk around.  One thing this tool is really useful for is I can see the BSSID of the device I am connected to.  The eero access points have unique BSSID for each device and then each device also has unique BSSID for each band.  I can tell immediately if I can connected to the basement, living room or master bedroom device just by looking at the last 4 characters of the BSSID.  I can also tell if it's a 5Ghz or 2.4GHz connection.  eero made it easy on me because they used E5 for the last two characters of the BSSID for the 5Ghz radios on all my devices.
      For the most part my devices are working flawlessly.  I can move about and I check my phone and it has a really speedy connection to the internet.  I have noticed a few times that it has switched from 5Ghz to 2.4Ghz when I have a few walls between me and the radio.  My phone doesn't want to switch back to 5GHz unless I turn off wifi and then turn it back on.  I believe this is a device issue and not eero.
      I have plans to do some additional testing.  I bought a Netgear AC 1200 USB wifi adapter for my laptop that will allow me more control of which frequency is used and trying to evaluate the network speeds.  I should also be able to run some laptop to server type tests within my own walls.
      The only problem I have seen so far was this morning.  I moved EVERYTHING in my house over to eero.  This includes my Circle by Disney that I use for limiting time and filtering access for a couple of devices for my kids.  My son came up to me and asked for help and handed me the iPad.  It was trying to connect to my eero network but was not succeeding.  i verified with my phone that the network was working and it was connected to the internet.  I then thought that maybe Circle was causing an issue.  When I tried to access Circle I just got a circle spinning searching for devices (hmmm).  I tried a speed test on the eero phone app and that worked.  Suddenly my son's ipad connected and when I checked Circle it was also working correctly.  So at this point I don't know if it was the router, Circle or what it was that caused my son't ipad to not connect.  BTW, I have no restrictions in place on his iPad at this time but it is in the Circle app.
      More to come as I try more things.  Let me know if you have any questions and of course comments are always welcome.

      Firewall -
      I forgot to mention.  I did some testing this morning to be sure that eero is running a firewall.  With eero removed from my ActionTec router I verified that all my ports are either closed or stealth.  I even have ping turned off on the ActionTec.  I added in the eero through DMZ host and re-ran the port test.  All of the ports are still closed (or stealth).  However the system was responding to pings even though the ports are closed.  This simply is telling someone that is scanning the ports that there is a device on that closed port where as a port that doesn't respond may or may not be a device.
      Can't complain though as it appear that eero isn't leaving any ports open in the current configuration.
    • cskenney
      By cskenney
      Last year I purchase a small TP-Link travel router that I used at hotels when travelling with my family.  I could plug in the router to the hotel ethernet jump on my phone and then register the router as my device that was connected to the hotel network.  My family could then all connect to our router (already configured in everyone's devices) and we were all able to use the internet as needed.
      This time when we traveled the two hotels we stayed at did not have an ethernet jack in the room.  The only way to connect to the hotel was thru their WIFI.
      I still want to ability to have a router that my family uses and I want that router to be able to connect to the hotel WIFI.
      Anyone doing this?  Recommended hardware?
      I don't want to bridge because I want my families devices all behind the router with the hotel only seeing the router.  I hope this makes sense.