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Hi all


I've had my ML 10v2 for about a year now. I installed WHS 2012 R2 when I got it. 


My setup requires:



BlueIris for my PoE cameras

Crashplan for my photo cloud backup

Remote access to load torrents etc. (browser is OK)

Running 1 HD and will be putting another in for local photo backups soon (I currently take external HD backup)


It runs Plex OK but is really slow in using it and moving around, loading browser etc. I've just bought some more RAM (it has 4GB at the moment) to see if that helps.


What I'm interested in is different OS options. Should I consider Windows 10? Or even something like FreeNAS for my needs?


Thanks in advance



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Well. what are you familiar with?  


That is the best place to start.  If you're familiar with Linux/BSD, then FreeNAS is a good place.

If you don't mind monkeying around with Docker (it's a PITA), then unRAID may be a good solution, as well. 


But if you're used to Windows, then yes, Windows 10 is a good choice here. 


As for torrents, most torrent clients support a web UI of some sort. you can port forward the port for the web UI and access it from anywhere. 


As for blue iris, or other NVR... a majority of these run on Windows only.  Blue Iris is definitely Windows only, but there are other solutions.



For Plex, adding more RAM isn't going to help too much.  You still want ~8GB of RAM in general. But Plex is limited by the CPU, when it comes to transcoding. 

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Great thanks. I am not really familiar with Linux/BSD. I have a windows 10 key so I think will tinker around and see if I can get it installed.

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Well, if you have any questions about that, feel free to ask here (there is a Windows 10 subforum, IIRC). 


That said, We Got Served has a great guide on how to run Windows 10 as a server/NAS. 


Otherwise, basically, it's just installing stuff and setting things up. 

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