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  2. I got a chance to take a look at a lost drone finder called, DroneKeeper mini. It's by a Korean company and you can find them at If you are into the RC hobby you might have heard of them. It's an inexpensive way to stay in touch with your RC gear if something bad should happen and you have to land far off or you have a crash.
  3. I've also noticed something peculiar recently. I switched to a Startech eSata/USB3 drive dock for backups. To take advantage of faster write speeds vs. my previous one. Seems to only work when connected to eSata as the USB3 connection was dropped too often. I rotate between 2-3 HDDs for my server backup. However, I've noticed that periodically my WSB will report "Failed: There was a failure in updating the backup for deleted items." The only fix I can find is to: 1.) update the WSB backup scheme, 2.) remove that hard drive from the backup destination set, 3.) re-add it back to the backup set and allow WSB to re-format it and 4.) re-run the windows server backup. It then completes successfully. I'm finding I need to do this once every few weeks vs. months in the past. Not sure what would cause this?
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  5. Are the drives in a hardware RAID array? If so, the wdidle utility may not work in that case.
  6. That's ... depressing. Especially as plenty of consumer grade boards support dual NICs...
  7. Aside from comparing it to a picture of a good card, check where it shipped from. If it shipped from china... good bet that it's fake.
  8. Thanks for this, guys. Saved the day for my ML310e gen8 v2.
  9. I bought one last year for $100USD on aliexpress (always free shipping to Australia). It is in my 2012R2E server and never missed a beat. It is an LSI SAS 9207-8i but don't know if it will fit in your rig. How would I tell if it is a fake! It works! I should note I am not using RAID in my server but the card is capable of Integrated RAID.
  10. Crashplan barely supports Windows Server 2008+. I know this due to the recent support tickets I had to open up. Do note that Crashplan is only usable on systems with a single NIC and single IP address. Due to horrendously low data caps (fast speed, low data cap), I had a second ISP installed into my house (slow speed, no data cap). With the intention of using the 2nd ISP for backups and some plex streaming only. Lo and behold, despite the "interface" setup under "networking" tab, Crashplan will only use the default nic (binding order, and forcebind does not work). I talked to support since it doesn't make sense for ANY server app NOT to have the ability to bind to an IP or a NIC. They said no plans. Even though they "support" the windows server series... CrashPlan is not mean't to run on any server of any kind. You may want to look for a legit server supported backup software, if you ever plan on having multiple NICs/IPs. I'm still on the look out.
  11. Cheers chap, will take a look later and see what fits my plans/budget.. Got some funds from flogging my P222 coming in so should be able to sort something out...
  12. that is an awesome yet daunting list!
  13. Is that what you're time lapsing? A pool build? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I'm assuming you can't CTRL-Z and do it again! We have purchased a house with a pool but have never done one ourselves.
  15. Here is a better list of LSI cards including OEM:
  16. Counterfeit cards is a growing issue. I usually find cards by just searching on LSI 8i. This seller has 9210-8i for $40, looks like they ship to UK: Here is a older compare on LSI cards. Always check the specs to see which chip the card uses, newer=faster and cooler, and verify that it can be flashed to IT mode to run as a HBA.
  17. IT mode is all I'll need then, I'll have a look at what's available here in the UK, or find a seller in the USA that'll ship, failing that it'll have to wait until next year when we're ovre in Atlanta..
  18. Just to clarify, HP P222 are not based on LSI chipsets, do not try to cross-flash them.
  19. ugh, sorry, I keep on forgetting that. And yeah, that sucks.... As for the "IT mode", I don't remember what it stands for, but basically it means "HBA mode". In "IT mode", all the card does is act as a controller card. No RAID functionality at all. IT mode is what you want for systems using StableBit DrivePool, Storage Spaces, ZFS, etc. Because all the controller is doing is passing the disk to the OS. The other mode is "IR mode", and this is RAID mode. It should work for passing disks through, though this depends on the firmware.
  20. Downside of living in the UK Chris, that guy won't ship to me.. On a side, what's the IT mode he mentions? Sent from my SM-A520F using Tapatalk
  21. Thought I'd add my resolution: Add a computer with same computername using connector install, then delete the 'zombie' version with a stab to the head, err I mean remove computer, but be sure it's the zombie! Other factors: Both were Win 10, had same description and I happened to have installed Client Restore service (Win Assessment and PE package as hinted to above prior to these steps) Hope this helps someone with the issue.
  22. The problem with the M1015's is that they've become so popular, that they're no longer ~$50. They're closer to full price now ($100-150) Find a LSI 9211, or 9207 card, and grab that. Such as eBay Link (9207-8i, shipper in California). Also, this way, there is no messing with flashing firmware.
  23. This depends on the card, specifically. However, it looks like the normal RAID cards from LSI do support RAID and HBA functionality, at the same time. But it does appear that most OEM cards (like the P222) use customized firmwares that DO NOT support HBA functionality. This is why "cross-flashing" is very popular on OEM cards, to allow for this. (I'm using an IBM ServeRAID m1015 cross-flashed to "IR" RAID mode, and use the card as just an HBA). But I do agree, the iSCSI option may be the better solution here.
  24. Few threads would suggest that the "LSI" cards from China are fakes.. Have to see what other options there are.
  25. Can't help you with VMWARE at all but given your requirements I'm wondering ... 1. Is a dual-boot configuration out of the question? You appear to be majoring on LINUX with the occasional retro work in Windows. If 'idling mostly' can be 'switched off until needed' then running native in LINUX and rebooting to Windows might work more efficiently. No good of course if all 3 OS's must run continuously or the switching is too frequent. 2. If your Windows 7 license is Professional then you have a potentially neat solution to your XP legacy and possibly all your virtualisation needs. a. The Pro version of W7 supported a special 'XP mode', specifically designed to virtualise legacy XP applications under W7. Moreover the virtualised XP app. windows appear native to W7 without any switching. Once you've set them (it?) up you just see another app. (after a slight delay). b. W7 supported Hyper-V, so that might be a way to virtualise your main LINUX workload. Sorry, shoulda gone for an SSD if you were thinking virtualisation :-( 3. 7TB data in LINUX ... but no mention of a backup disk? 4. How on earth are you going to occupy 4 NIC's worth of bandwidth with only HDDs?
  26. just tried running the WDIDLE on my WD Green drives however the program showing as "No drives were detected" Anyone had success in using WDIDLE at all?
  27. I do have a separate Lab network. It is the network that connects to the vpn and I do run the VM on that network and that VM is the one that I use to connect to Netflix to bypass geoblocking. My problem was that when I fired up a browser in my real machine I could not control which network it connected to without physically disconnecting (or disabling) one of the nics. As you see from my previous post I think I have solved my problem.
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