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  2. Hi, I recently bought a Gen8 as my first home file server along with a 3TB drive and an 8 gb Dimm. I have installed the hardware, and the disk and memory are being recognised at startup. I have not configured the RAID controller into an array. I have an ethernet connection, but I did not purchase an optical drive. I downloaded Ubuntu Server, and used Rufus to burn it to a USB Key. Using the USB boot, I have been able to get through the installation process - however, the server will not reboot from the hard disk. Initially the hard disk boot was not available, but I switched the mode to ACHI in the BIOS screen. I had selected drive encryption as part of the install, and on the next boot the system prompted me for the encryption password. I intended the server to run unattended, so I re-ran the setup and changed the drive formatting to unencrypted. On reboot, I received Grub Arch Independent missing elf magic errors. I have accessed Intelligent Provisioning, upgraded the firmware, reset the drive array and tried to install again, but am still receiving different grub errors on install (missing grub-pc). Intelligent Provisioning provides its own managed installation options, but the OS/Installation options are a little restricted - 2012R2 is the only option for USB installation. Can I ask: - Am I missing some of the configuration options? - Should I be installing through Intelligent Provisioning or is it OK to use the USB key at startup? - Is Ubuntu Server non a viable choice for Gen8s? - Is buying a DVD drive a sensible option at this point and installing media from there? Thanks in advance Jim
  3. I don't know if this is the correct forum to post this question in or not, so I'm going to make it brief. That way, if this isn't right I won't waste a lot of your time. Briefly, I've got a couple of Roku Devices. I've got a Flixster account with several movies that I've purchased and put into Flixster. Truthfully, I don't go into Flixster too often, so I didn't notice, until I tried getting into it recently, that the Roku Flixster app was going away. Its being replaced by something called FandogoNOW. I've tried, repeatedly, to login using my account (I registered on Flixster years ago using my Facebook account, but that doesn't seem to work anymore). So, what's going on and how to I get all of this worked out? (Or if this is the wrong forum, where do I post my question?)
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  5. I agree, cheap bulb color quality tends to be not great. The comparison to fluorescent is accurate. I tend to use these cheap bulbs where I previously used fluorescent, garage, shop, lab or where I don't care about light quality like hallways. Sent from my LG-H910 using Tapatalk
  6. I paid approx. this much for my T20 with only 4gb of ram via slickdeals
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  8. I'm not a big fan of EcoSmart bulbs. They're what I have in mind when I say don't go with store brands. The color quality is pretty bad in my experience. Closets and basement might be fine, but expect these to look more like fluorescent light than warm white LED. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Non dimmable but man, 24! I was thinking closets. I have 100 watt equivalent LED bulbs in my garage. Anyone know anything about these guys? Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  10. I assume they are not great, but they are less than $1.50 each. Hallways, garage,,,,,,,
  11. I don't know what Netgear is doing with the RBx50 but I was also very impressed with it when I tested, These things rock for WiFi. I do favor the Synology RT2600 AC for the router function though. Other then the horrible UI there implementation of parental controls could use work as well.
  12. I also chase kids with it. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
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  14. There is my first problem...I don't go anywhere.
  15. You technically can't fly it beyond LOS but you can see it for a long ways. I think everyone has those concerns until you actually get flying then you realize it's ease and potential. I'm taking it on a 3 day weekend to see if I can fly it a little in southern Indiana. Should be fun. I take everywhere for the most part. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  16. I don't have a backyard trampoline at my house. We go to a local store that allows us to jump on the trampolines in the showroom (for a nominal fee). I did buy a Springfree trampoline for inside though. My son was destroying the round mini-tramps that are used for exercise. Springfree makes a small rectangular trampoline for indoors. It is approximately 3' x 5' and has the same type of plasic flex springs. It is holding up really well to the abuse my son puts on it. Cost...not cheap. I paid $400 for it.
  17. I don't think I would fly one enough to justify the cost. Or maybe it is that I would be too afraid of losing the darn thing when it flies so far that I can't see it.
  18. I am currently Sophos UTM 9.5, Orbi wifi and Circle. Still haven't been courageous enough to migrate off Sophos. Once I exceed their 50 IPs + their overage buffer, I'll have no choice. Am pushing this limit right now. Postponing the inevitable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Well that's good! My boys spend more time on neighbor trampolines than at home. This should hold them over while the pool is being built.
  20. We have exact same one. I was against it but mother-in-law operated covertly. We have harsh weather (tornado season). Managed to get picked up and moved a few times, but unfortunately it hasn't blown away (to your house). [emoji23] needless to say, it's durable. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. I'm on Orbi 100%. I replaced the 2600RT which like you, I loved. Honestly, it's WiFi covered 90% of my house. I'm thinking about going Synology Router, Orbi Wifi, and Circle Home Security. Nuts? Synology could all three of these if they tried.
  22. A cheapo trampoline I looked at those springfree tramps today. Whaaaaaaa? $2,000 and up!
  23. Yes Orbi is tough to beat. Dave what are you using as your main router now? I been using the new Synology RT2600RT router and for the most part I love it, Just wish they had satellites for it. I reached out to Synology and they say they have no plans at this time to make any, I think there missing the mark by not doing so. What do you think? I also agree that Netgear needs to get a better UI and not just for Orbi but all there products, It all feels very early 2000's to me.
  24. The main issue with microserver gen8 it's that is unable to pass through pci-x to other virtual machines due to a bug in the bios.
  25. Thanks Dave for edit. I got too "30 happy." [emoji3] Yes, added the AC3000 unit at far end of house and now, between the 3 units, we seem to have much more consistent and far-reaching coverage. Prior I had a RBR50 at one end of house, a RBS50 at center of 2nd floor (inside closest). Got wifi throughout the house, but not outside or in garages. We don't have basements here. Adding this 3rd RBS50 was a game-changer. Now strong wifi coverage from one end to the other (indoors) and from edge to edge of our large lot (outdoors). When I mow (I enjoy it, like therapy for me, strange; no longer pay someone) I wanted wifi coverage for Spotify vs using up my shared family cellular plan. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  26. Hi everyone, this is my first post here, but I keep getting linked to this forum on my google searches and have found this place most useful. I have had one of my Gen8's up and running for the past year or so without any problems. After reading here I decided to upgrade my CPU from the Intel Celeron G1610T to an Intel Core i3-3220T. I replaced the stock main fan with a Fractal Venturi HP-12 I also took the opportunity to upgrade to ILO4 2.53 May 03 2017 I also have installed - the B222 raid card, all bays are full with HDDs connected to it and an SSD in the ODD position. But this is none of that is new Now it seems I have an overheating issue, but im confused as to what is overheating The top image was a screenshot after the overheat and the server shut down and shows that sensor 10-PCI 1 has detected a temperature of 124C The bottom image was after I left the server to cool down and then turned it back on. whats confusing me is that until the system shuts down, the sensor data shows that there is no sensor installed at that location. I have set my fan to maximum cooling in BIOS, but I am still getting the same thing. I thought maybe it was an issue with the CPU, so i have now put the Celeron back in but the problem persists. none of the other sensors seem to show a temperature rise, so I am wondering if theres some error causing this rather than an actual overheat. Is there a diagram showing where the fan sensors are? I have searched but I can't find anything Im a bit stuck, im not sure what I can do next to solve this. Thanks for your help everyone
  27. I hope you guys don't mind, I split this off to a separate topic to make it easier for folks to find in the future!
  28. User OctavianH started a great topic on GT 1030 in the Gen8 so I split it off to make the topic easier for folks to find in the future. See:
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