Finalizing the move from WHS2011 to Essentials 2012 on Home Server Show 262

It’s done. I’ve pulled the plug on Windows Home Server 2011 and I’ll talk about the migration a little bit.  Drashna and Jim are here to help me along and we have a small bit of news.

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Links and Notes for this episode

New Synology DS414Slim

iCloud – How to install iCloud on Server 2012


CrashPlan – Get your 15GB Free Here


Server Backup Failing due to backing up Drive Pool.  Remove stable bit drive pool as a backup source and it’s fine.

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1 Response

  1. Claus says:

    David, if you still don't know how to copy your recorded tv to your server, it is possible to create a task schedule that will automatically move the recorded tv, when the recording is done. Do you want the instructions? 🙂