Episode 100 records tonight!

It’s been a busy week here at homeservershow.com.  Tonight is the night though!  John, Jim, Chris, and Dave will record episode 100 and you still have time to get your thoughts to us.  Dial up the Google Voice number at and leave your thoughts and comments.  I’ll get them on the show.  (262) 458-4802

Let’s go over a few things that have happened this week.  Don’t peek at the bottom of this post yet.  Freebies? Ok, go ahead, but come back and read the rest.

One that I’m excited about is the launch of Listener builds with BYOB. We already have our first submission too!  JVK shared his Mona Server build in the forums and dropped me a message asking if it was good material for a listener build.  Absolutely!  If you haven’t seen the post it’s a massive post with tons of photo’s of each step of the process.  Granted, this is the norm so I re-posted a few of my builds as well.  I’ll also post some older builds that were in the first listener build project. 

Mona Server Build


Budget Core i7 Build

Listener Builds information – Read here for more information on how to get your build posted.

There is a geek in the house!  We also welcomed mysticgeek as a new homeservershow.com writer.  I’ve received several other applications to write for HSS and addingapple.com so stay tuned for more announcements.

Episode 100 is going to be a fun one.  You will not want to miss it.  I’ve compiled a few minutes of out-takes that will have you a laughing at us.  We will also have some announcements of some freebies and major discounts on Add-Ins for you.  Ooops.  Was I supposed to leak that info?  Oh well, it’s just too exciting to hold it back.  Don’t miss this episode and spread the word around!

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    What time are you going to be recording?