DrivePop Cloud Storage $49.99 Lifetime Subscription for a Limited time!

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9 Responses

  1. tgbedwards says:

    That's a crazy price for 1 PC backup in my opinion. Backupthat offers it for free, and you get all of your files sent to you in your email. That way, no matter what happens, you have all of your files in your control.

    • homeservershow says:

      That's interesting. I won't say it's crazy because I think all these different cloud options appeal to everyone differently. There is not one that is perfect for everyone. I can say that yours is not for me.

  2. awraynor says:

    Since BackupThat used my GMail to backup my files in my case, I will assume there is an upsell on the
    backend. Please explain to me how my 6GB GMail account can backup my 600GB of local files for free?
    This smells of the JustCloud upsell business model.

  3. Jim Nottingham says:

    Been using them for a few weeks now. There are no upsells with this, there are only other services that you can add on if you want such as a NAS storage backup or a SYNC virtual drive. Justcloud is the king of the upsell label. If you only need cloud backup then this is a real deal.

  4. Brian says:

    One question: On their main site I see "LiveDrive Briefcase". Not clear to me if any of these special Home Server Show offers offer the briefcase as part of the package?

  5. vin larkin says:

    Doesn't appear to backup from my WHS2011 which is using StableBit drive pool. Has anyone else installed this product on WHS2011?