Drive Extender Replacements for your Server on Home Server Show 216

I’ve got a full house for you on this episode.  These guys are here to tell you about their own experiences with the different Drive Extender products that are on the market today.  I’m talking about StableBit DrivePool, DriveBender, and Storage Spaces.  We are not comparing anything to RAID on this one.  It’s just about the products.  It’s a great show and I hope you like it.  My thanks to my guests for joining.  Check out the YouTube of this episode for all screen shots.

John Stutsman – @johnstutsman

Matt Sawyer – @dojonorthllc

John Zajdler – @Dieharder

Jim Collison – @jcollison.

Follow Dave, @homeservershow.

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Dojo North Software – WindowSMART 2013

Google Reader Going where?

Try via Jose Ortiz


ADATA AE400 via  DashDrive Air AE400 Black 5000 mAh Wireless Storage Reader and Power Bank AAE400-CBKSV


John Stutsman’s notes on StableBit

Manual for WHS-V1 StableBit Scanner

When I got WHS-2011 up and running on my MicroServer in June 2012 I tried Stablebit Scanner and DrivePool on the trial basis  — liked it and have stuck with it ever since.

StableBit Scanner Overview Features
Manual for StableBit Scanner Version 1.0
Manual for StableBit Scanner Version 2.X available at a later time
StableBit DrivePool Overview Features
Manual for StableBit DrivePool

Installing Windows Home Server 2011 on a SSD in a HP MicroServer N40L
How I Re-Installing the OS Drive then restoring the existing DrivePool in WHS-2011
The StableBit Manual instructions for Re-Installing the OS Drive and Restoring the Pool

Storage Spaces

Installing Windows Server 2012 Essentials on a HP N40L ProLiant MicroServer
Storage Spaces Performance in Windows Server 2012 Essentials on a HP N40L ProLiant MicroServer
Drive Bender

Fully functional 30 day trial

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