I conducted a reader survey back around February 2010 and the following question was asked: Should the podcast open up a donation link if the donations are spent on the blog and the podcast? The answers were:
58.49% Yes
27.36% Rather not answer
14.15% No

The only way I know how to do this is via PayPal. The unfortunate fact of doing this is I’ll have to pay .10cents on the dollar in taxes and fees. If you would like to contribute by some other means please contact me.

There are two methods in which you can donate.  A one time donation or a subscription method.  The subscription method is a monthly donation that runs 12 months.  The options are $2, $5, and $10 monthly.

One Time Donation Button – Takes you to PayPal

Subscription Method – Takes you to PayPal

Payment Options


All donators will be given a badge in the HSS Forums and allowed into a private forum where I discuss internal changes and options in order to shape the podcast and blog.  I rely heavily upon the opinions of donating members.


(my paypal e-mail address is not the one i use on the show. It’s one I registered long ago. It is “cionfsb” a.t “” I wanted to put that on here so you are confident the donation is going to
One Hundred Percent of the funds received by donation will go to the podcast and blog.
Thank you for listening, reading, and participating in the HSS forums.  It is truly a great community because of you.