Diehard’s Ideal HP MediaSmart Server

With the news going round about the upcoming Lenova IdeaCentre D400 and the possible first clue to the next MediaSmart server, I thought I would chime in with what I wish HP would come out with in their next home server.

Microsoft has recently started to push WHS as an option into the SOHO market. You can see details here and HP has been the flagship home server advertised by Microsoft, so I’m thinking that maybe HP should up the ante with a server model worthy to fit nicely into the SOHO space.

A while back, I “photo-shopped” a gag on MediaSmartServer.net of my ideal HP server, the DP490.


Some details.
Dual Core ? forget about it, Quad Core.
32bit ? forget about it. it’s 64 bit.
4 drive bays ? forget about it. it’s has 8.
1 eSata drive ? forget about that too. it has 2 eSata with port   multiplier.
1 front USB and 3 rear USB, forget about that again, 2 front and 6 rear.
1 gigabit port, guess again, 2 gigabit ports.

Now I’d like to add a couple more items and make this unit a bit more Media Center friendly.

Slim slot loading DVD burner

2 sticks of ram

DVI service port

HDMI & optical audio

Replaceable Compact Flash for WHS OS.

I like to have the power supply built in, not an external brick. Maybe 2 bigger fans on the rear, bigger is quieter.

So what do you think ? What would you choose as the motherboard ?

John Zajdler (diehard).

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4 Responses

  1. phil says:

    I am suprised that you have not already knocked one of these together at home including the PCH.

    You could call it the Diehard Ass-pire*


    *reference to show 52

  2. elvisisdead says:

    Well, and that's precisely why people build their own.


    You don't need a quad-core to serve data. You do need a quad core to do transcoding of video, and other cpu-intensive tasks. 64-bit would be great.

    All the other I/O interfaces would be fine, but you'd need quite the bus to have them all used at once. I'd guess that's why the # of ports is currently restricted on the HP boxes. In your config, you're asking for 11 SATA interfaces – 10 if you put the DVD on PATA. That's not an insignificant challenge for a desktop platform. You'd need more than 2 sticks of RAM to handle all that data moving about.

    A replaceable flash for the OS would be fine, but yet another I/O interface.

    Something like this starts to look like an enterprise-class device. It would be nice, but VERY expensive for the target market.

  3. Homeserver says:

    Diehard's Ass-Pire….now that's funny!