Corsair 700D Undercounter Core i7 build on a Friday night – Part Two

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5 Responses

  1. bboy says:

    Could you please explain why you had to reinstall windows with AHCI enabled rather than just changing the bios once Win7 was installed? Awesome build btw!!

  2. pcdoc says:

    The reason is that if you change to AHCI after windows installed it will blue screen. There is a way to do it but you must make a small registry change first.

  3. bboy says:

    Sorry to bother but does ahci increase performance with all HD’s or just SSD’s? thanks for the help!

  4. pcdoc says:

    Besides Trim for SSDs. AHCI allows for Native Command Queing and Hot Swapping, if your drives allow it. Most SATA drives can be hot swapped, but not all of them have NCQ as a function. You need to look up you individual drives to see if can benefit. Personally, my only interest is Trim.

  5. dvn says:

    Craziest thing I’ve seen in quite awhile. Had to look twice to make sure you didn’t actually drill holes in the front of that $200+ case. Man, what a neat idea!