Cloud Backups on Home Server Show 230

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6 Responses

  1. jsox says:

    Crashplan limits… currently none, but could be in the future. From the EULA:
    c. “CrashPlan+ Unlimited” has the same features as CrashPlan+ with no current limitation on the amount of User Data stored on the Public Cloud (subject to future data storage limits described below). While there is no current limitation for CrashPlan Unlimited subscribers on the amount of User Data backed up to the Public Cloud, Code 42 reserves the right in the future, in its sole discretion, to set commercially reasonable data storage limits (i.e. 10 TB) on all CrashPlan+ Unlimited accounts.

  2. jsox says:

    bought lifetime 5 PCs for $75… it was invoice number #326

  3. Alex Brookes says:

    $50 seems like a great deal, especially "forever".

    Have many here tried restoring data from a livedrive account? There are quite a few reports elsewhere indicating that not all data is backed up, even though the livedrive software says data is backed up. From my own testing I found exactly this problem (less than10% actually backed up) and despite engaging with livedrive support over several days no solution was found. I deleted my account. Caveat emptor.

  4. Robin Jack says:

    For the storing data people use many type of software, for downloading the software they take back up of the system. There are also many sites available for downloading the software in the system, add some new things about the home server then it will be better for the users.