Circle Home for Android is now Available

The Circle Home product that previously was only available on iOS is now available on Android.  This is a huge step for Circle as it now opens the product up to Android families.  If you need a refresher on Circle follow this link to the full review.  If you want the quick description I can summarize it quickly.


Circle is a physical product that either plugs into your Ethernet network and/or connects to your Wi-Fi product. Once connected you run the app and watch it collect all the devices and computers connected to your network.  You can then sort the devices into groups or assign them to individuals in order to keep an eye on your kids activity and time spent on the internet.  You can assign specific time limits on apps or completely shut down others.  YouTube, App store, etc.  I purchased the device and still run it today.

Check out the full review of Circle Home here.


I’ve been testing the Android app from day 1 and can tell you it works great! Don’t delay, go get it!  If you don’t have a Circle it is an awesome addition to your home network.  If you are ready to purchase it the link is here.  Get your Circle today!


Get the Circle Home App for Android in the Google Play Store.


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