CES Wrapup on Home Server Show 275

We’re wrapping up what we saw at CES as well as a ton of news.  Lot’s to chat about. QNAP, Synology, more Cloud, and Ubi.  Also, check out my coverage of CES on aNewDomain.net as well as the other great CES coverage there.

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Server Storage Guide


Veeam Endpoint Backup




Recent deal on hard drives


Synology Update on my Synology boxes. Check yours.

I’m on 5.1-5021 Update 2 and 5021 is ready.

What’s New? https://www.synology.com/en-us/releaseNote/DS1813+

Mostly bug fixes.

Otixo adds services http://otixo.com/ Flickr

Intel Compute Stick

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