CES 2014 Coverage

I know that many loathe the thought of covering CES on the show floor so I don’t know why I enjoy it so much.  I don’t know if I can explain it either.  Many find it crazy that I never get a chance to gamble even a nickel on a hand of video poker.  I’m simply too busy.  More on gambling later but this post is to show you how I’ll cover the show, where I’ll be, as well as a few thoughts on Las Vegas.  If you lucky, I may even share my “Ultimate parking and getting to the Show Floor secret.”

Quickly, back to the “love of covering CES,” last year I didn’t.  I hated it and I think it was mostly due to my accommodations.  If this year feels the same then I’ll have my answer. I can wash my hands of this whole thing but I don’t think that will be the case.  Last year I booked a room in “The Quad.”  It used to be called the Imperial Palace and is a quick walk to The Venetian, which is why I chose it.  Ok, it was cheap too.   Just thinking of this place makes me want to curse and go bathe myself. It was horrible and I’ve stayed in some dumpy places in order to save some money but it was bad.  This year; Monte Carlo.  I really like that hotel and it’s moderately priced.  Mrs. Homeservershow used to fly out at the end of CES and we would enjoy the town after all the geeks leave.  Now that was fun! We stopped doing that for a couple of years because it’s hard take care of your kids while in Vegas.  We are trying it again this year though and I look forward to a few extra days in Vegas to play. Good luck with the boys Grandma.

Covering what?

Guaranteed I’ll hit every storage vendor at CES.  I really love covering those guys.  I’ll also go for the hot and trending stuff just to see what all the fuss is about.  What do you want to see?  Communicate with me on Twitter and I’ll go grab some footage.  You never know what kind of trouble I’ll get into either.  Last, year we defaced the old spot where Microsoft’s booth used to be, talked with Elvis, and rode a skateboard live on the air.

The Gear


CESLive CES2013

My gear tends to draw attention and this year will be no different.  As you can see in the photos for the last 3 years Jim Collison and I have been bringing you live coverage from the show floor.  Live, yes, I mean as it’s happening.  The picture was a little grainy and sometimes crazy but we did it.  It required a lot of me and even more from Jim.  Jim is out this year and I’ve devised a new system to bring you content from the show floor.

Last year:

iPhone 4S, monopod, iRig Microphone, earbuds.  Pretty simple right?

This year:

New tripod, monopod, iPad Mini with LTE, Bluetooth remote trigger, VizzyWig App for video recording, Capture app for video recording, ioGrapher iPad case, MXL wireless microphone system, LED lighting system.

I should fit right in.  I know what some of you are thinking though.  I lost you at 4S and iPad.  I’ve found that iOS offers me the best “edit video and upload on the run” capability. Right tool for the job, end of story.

Why, iPad Mini and not a phone?  Well, it’s the ioGrapher case. I couldn’t resist it!  It allows me to mount the light and the wireless microphone gear.  I can setup the tripod and remote start the video via bluetooth.  Once done shooting, I add the intro, and outro video clips, trim video as necessary and then blast it out.

I also have a mobile recording rig that MXL provided.  I’ll be using that as well and did an unboxing of the equipment here.  That video also shows the intro I’m using for CES.

0102141110 0102141058 0102141059

Here is a small look at the new video system as well as a floor full of stuff that will go into my bag.

When i hit the upload button on my rig the video will send to YouTube, hit G+, Twitter, and then my FaceBook Page.  All with one tap.  The problem is separating my two channels of content.  Home Server Show and Surface Geeks.  It’s not as easy as it sounds and I may change in mid stream, meaning, it might all be sent to my HSS properties.  The best way to enjoy this content is to stay tuned to Twitter but you can still check in to YouTube, FB, and G+ as I know Twitter streams are crazy during CES.

Where to find me.

HSS Twitter

HSS YouTube


HSS FaceBook

My Schedule (all times Pacific)

Sunday January 5th to Friday January 10th

I land in Vegas at 8:50 AM Sunday and my first appointment is at 9:30. Ugh, it starts fast. I’m also going to be covering Showstoppers for anewdomain.net which I’m excited about.  You will not want to miss that.  Stay tuned for more information on that.  Jim may also jumping in to bring you some live looks at where I’m at and what i’m doing. Sunday and Monday night are good nights for live coverage so watch for it.  I may update this list or post a separate schedule as needed.


4:00 to 7:00 CES Unveiled Video testing and live coverage

Monday is Press Day. Video coming to you sporadically.

ASUS reception starts at Noon. I hope to be able to get in.

PepCom 7:00 to 10.

Tuesday CES Show Floor Opens

ShowStoppers 6:00 to 10. anewdomain.net


Show floor

The DMZ Meetup


Venetian coverage day


Free for all – maybe sleep in!

If you want a refresher on  CES 2013 here is the entire Photo Album shared via SkyDrive.  It’s a fun look back and also reminds me to figure out a way to share my photos with you this year.  Of course, live as it happens! Stay tuned.

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3 Responses

  1. Can't wait to see you there, Dave. It's going to be another great show!

  2. jsox says:

    Isn't there a 12-step process to address CES addiction?

    • homeservershow says:

      I need it JSox. I keep checking the time and trying to figure out what I would be doing if I were there. <sigh> I miss the rush and the hustle.