CES 2013 Live Broadcast Schedule #LiveCES

CES Sign

The Home Server Show crew will be broadcasting live from CES 2013 starting on January 6th.  You can watch the live video feed at this link or click the CES 2013 link above. We can’t cover it all but we have a blast trying to!  Read up on CES on all your favorite blogs but keep a tab open with our live video.  If there is breaking gadget news or you want Dave to visit a vendor just pop into chat and let us know!  We get very interactive with the viewers and encourage your participation.

The Live Broadcast will be online at the times below.

Eastern Time Zone
Sunday, January 6th – 6PM – 11PM
Monday, January 7th – 2PM – 1AM
Tuesday, January 8th – 2PM – 1AM
Wednesday January 9th – 1PM – 12PM
Thursday, January 10th – 2PM – 1AM

Central Time Zone
Sunday, January 6th – 5PM – 10PM
Monday, January 7th – 1PM – 12AM
Tuesday, January 8th – 1PM – 12AM
Wednesday January 9th – 12PM – 11PM
Thursday, January 10th – 1PM – 12AM

Mountain Time Zone
Sunday, January 6th – 4PM – 9PM
Monday, January 7th – 12PM – 11PM
Tuesday, January 8th – 12PM – 11PM
Wednesday January 9th – 11AM – 10PM
Thursday, January 10th – 12PM – 11PM

Pacific Time Zone
Sunday, January 6th – 3PM – 8PM
Monday, January 7th – 11AM – 10PM
Tuesday, January 8th – 11AM – 10PM
Wednesday January 9th – 10AM – 9PM
Thursday, January 10th – 11AM – 1oPM

Dave will be on the show floor while Jim Collison will be in podcast studio. We will be bringing you live video of all kinds of technology and gadgets.  Jim will have a handful of entertaining guests to chat with while Dave is hunting the next big thing on the show floor.

The best way to stay up to date with Dave and the CES Live crew is to follow on Twitter. @homeservershow and @surfacegeeks Otherwise, keep your browser on http://homeservershow.com/live and http://surfacegeeks.net/live for all the action!

#LiveCES – Use this twitter hashtag if you talk about CES.

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