CES 2012 Unveiled

CES 2012 has launched with several press events and the main today was CES Unveiled.  It was a madhouse of press and product thrown together in a small showroom with a food spread that was also quite nice!  I’ve quickly found out that I enjoy lurking people just as much as I enjoy discovering new products.  I’ve included some photos of my first day at CES below.

I was able to gawk at some of my press idols that I listen to and read daily.  Nilay Patel from The Verge was hammering out a post at a table.  He was working hard so I didn’t want to bother him.  Dieter Bohn and Laura June from the Verge were also working the show and I didn’t want to interrupt.  Photos below.  However, Alex Lindsay, from Pixel Corps walked by and I couldn’t help myself.  That video is available on the Home Server Show Livestream.com page.  If you go to Live | CES 2012 link above you will find a box of recent videos and the one where I nabbed poor unsuspecting Alex!

I also met up with Andrew Edney from Using Windows Home Server.  It’s always great to catch up in person with the people that have helped you along your path.  I also met up with Richard Gunther for the first time.  Richard blogs and podcasts for DMZ and will be here working the show all week.

A big thanks to Jim and John for manning the studio while I traipsed around the hall.  I couldn’t have done this trip without them.  Also, thanks to all who logged in to the G+ hangout and kept the show running while I ran back and forth looking for cool things to show you.

Stay tuned to the blog and the twitter account for more CES action all week long.  The tentative Live Streaming Show Schedule can be found here.  It should give you an idea of where I’ll be all week long.


The view on the way in and Nilay cranking out a post for The Verge.


Laura foreground, Dieter in the middle.  The TWiT crew at work.


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