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TS140 Server on Home Server Show 277

On episode 277 we are talking about the Lenovo TS140.  Kevin Schoonover joins with his TS140 and I promise there is no Superfish adware on this podcast! We can’t help but talk Home Automation...


Should I buy or wait on Home Server Show 276

Should you purchase Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials or wait?  MSDN, TechNet, DreamSpark, bad 3TB drives and more on Home Server Show 276. Episode Sponsor: Amazon Trade In This podcast is a member of The...


CES Wrapup on Home Server Show 275

We’re wrapping up what we saw at CES as well as a ton of news.  Lot’s to chat about. QNAP, Synology, more Cloud, and Ubi.  Also, check out my coverage of CES on as...