Capturing XML data with SQL Server 2008–Video Edition

In a previous post we documented how to install SQL Server 2008 onto Windows Home Server 2011.  Being able to run SQL Server on my new 2011 box is pretty cool, but what do I need a database at home for?  Here is one use that I have found… archiving my reef tank’s XML data stream into a real database so I can keep track of it over time!  Below is a short video that shows how to capture XML data and archive it.  This technique could work for any XML source, so let your creativity run wild!

Click here to view the video

I am currently running a version of the job shown in the video with one additional modification, the captured XML data stream is transferred to my website via FTP and graphed using Google Docs.  That is what is so cool about SQL Server… it is very flexible!!!  Basically you are only limited by your imagination, hopefully this will spark some creativity in you.


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