BYOB Episode 99

Ivy Bridge i3 is finally here! Server woes, venting, rants, discussion. iPhone 5, Lumina 920 We’re getting them, but the real issue isn’t the hardware its shared data plans. Its episode 99 of the BYOB Podcast.

Ivy Bridge Dual Cores Are Finally In The Wild

Looks like an incremental update from the sandy bridge to Ivy Bridge the most notable one being the i3-3225. Which has the new HD4000 graphics package. Take a look.

Low Power Server

A look at Michael’s ASRock E-350 powered Home Server

The Virtual Home Lab Build

Michael’s redesigned home VM lab server. If you’re interested in building a home VM Lab this is a great build for compatibility

Auto Logon clients using OU and GPO in Windows Server

Michael has an article on allowing clients to auto logon to a domain. This for those interested in using a Windows Server Active Directory Domain for its control and security features and have the need for a clients to automatically logon

Shared Data Plans

Mike is getting a new iPhone5 and why he moving to Verizon

ATT vs Verizon comparison chart


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3 Responses

  1. @kylejwx says:

    Hey Thanks for another great show. Its always great to hear updates about hardware I can't afford!

    What you are doing with your Verizon share data plan sounds really interesting too. I hope it works out for you the way you want it to. Being able to hotspot off of your phone sounds really convenient, but I would be worried about battery life if you are doing it a lot. The other thing I would worry about is not being able to do simultaneous voice and data. see this link the alternative to save battery life and be able to make calls would be a dedicated mobile hotspot or Jetpack as Verizon calls them, which I think would be an extra $20 a month, plus having to carry an extra device.

    Let us know how it works for you.

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