BYOB Episode 80

Tonight we talk to John Wills (aka jmwills from the forums) about his setup, networking overseas, and of course Windows 8.  We are joined by John Zajdler for the second half of the show to discuss Storage Spaces and other topics.  A special thanks to John W. for joining us tonight.

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2 Responses

  1. Joe_Miner says:

    Nice job everyone and thanks for coming onto the show John W. — I enjoyed hearing about your set-up and plans for future build projects (giving me even more ideas on how to spend $ – lol).

  2. timekills says:

    Regarding the VHD as a pass through for WHS2011 backup…I used that for a while just to get the WHS2011 to shut up about not having a backup. Just realize it's not really a backup because you can't restore from it. You can't load the drive in another VM and pass it through to WHS2011 when booting to restore from it, so it's not really a backup. You have to backup to a "real" drive passed through, or just export the VM of course.