BYOB Episode 73

Data Recovery, Encryption, and Hard Drives.  Tonight we have the pleasure of being joined by Scott Moulton owner/founder of  We had a blast and learned an incredible amount about data recovery, hard drives, SSDs, and encryption.  We would like to thank Scott for spending time with us and for doing a fantastic job educating all of us.  Get comfortable as this 2:10 minutes and every minute is a learning experience.  A special thanks to DVN (Rich O.) for the suggestion.


Sponsor: MozyPro Online Backup: Simple, Automatic & Secure Backup


Please visit his site for a wealth of information, videos, and learning material:

Be sure and check out the wealth of information at:


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6 Responses

  1. @welchwerks says:

    Very cool, glad you guys hooked up

  2. Andrew Edney says:

    Excellent show – I have done Scotts training class and it is excellent!

  3. Luciano Souza says:

    I was surprised when I first booted from a Linux CD and from Linux, I could access all the Windows profiles (not controlled by AD or anything, but at least mine was protected by a password).

  4. Luciano Souza says:

    The last sentence may be interpreted the other way. What I mean is, my profile was protected by a password on Windows, but I could access all the files via Linux regardless. So much for security and privacy.

  5. tinkererguy says:

    Stunningly fascinating, in-depth show. The best BYOB ever. You guys keep topping yourselves!

  6. John Wills says:

    Security also means controlling access to the physical asset too.