BYOB Episode 69

Cloning with Acronis, WHS on an SSD. Arcsoft Media Converter, #60 has a new Dashboard and Windows 8 Rumors? All on this weeks BYOB Podcast.

Acronis to Clone the OS for WHS2011

Disk Director 11

Hardware Turncoat

Mike uses Acronis to shrink his WHS2011 install and installs it onto an SSD. Sometimes pigs really can fly.

Quick Review of Arcsoft Media Converter

Check it out & let us know what you think.

XBOX 360 gets it Metro on

The XBOX 360 finally gets its new metro dashboard update & Michael got to get his hands on the beta and its nothing short of awesome sauce. Get your update on December 6th.

Windows 8 Rumors

ARM tablets with Windows 8 will be Metro UI only!

Win full feature Beta coming in February? We sure hope so.


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