BYOB Episode 66

x79 systems worth it?’s Paul Braren joins us in the discussion and tells us about a few of his builds and his VPN using Hamachi on this weeks BYOB Podcast.

x79 is in…but leaves nothing for the powers users

Underwhelmed by the massive processing power along with heat & power consumption. LGA2011 chips while useful for very high end workstations. Leave nothing for the average power user / gamer. x79 chipsets offer little of it original promise. No USB 3, SAS, only a few Sata III ports, no improvement of SSD caching. Our recommendation is to pass on this unless you make a living waiting for multi-threaded apps to crunch data.

[H]ardOCP Review

AnandTECH Review

PC Perspective Review

Paul Braren and

Paul talks about a few of his systems Check out his website to find a ton of great and unique information. Here’s a few articles we discussed on the show.

Home VPN using Hamachi

RAID0 Caching for huge performance gains


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2 Responses

  1. tinkererguy says:

    Thank you pcdoc!

    Also consider listening to Christian's clear description of the very-similar-in-function OpenVPN, an alternative to Hamachi you might also want to consider:

  2. tinkererguy says:

    See also alternative to Z68 RAID array caching feature (SRT: Smart Response Technology) that might be promising, haven't tried it myself, anybody else out there?