BYOB Episode 137



Lots to cover this week.  We start the week off with a short tutorial on setting up the Hyper-V role and creating your first Hyper-V Virtual Machine, as well as a quick update on the XBox One now that the honeymoon is over.  We also cover some great free software for your IP cameras, awesome software from Fabultech for connecting USB devices to a VM or other machines over IP, and some not so great power line adapters.  We also talk about my first week with the Logitech Ultimate Hub.


Hyper-V basics

XBox One update

Fabultech – A great solution for USB over IP

Logitech – Hub

ZyXEL 600 Meg power-line adapter

iSpy Camera software

Smart home IP cameras


Mike Faucher’s Blog

Michael Martis’ Blog

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1 Response

  1. Paul Braren says:

    Great podcast again, Michael & Mike!
    FYI, see also a recent comment about Hyper-V and ESXi, where I referr to this podcast