Average Server Size Please, on Home Server Show 255

We talk about enthusiast sized servers all the time but how about something a little more normal?  John Stutsman, Christopher Courtney, and Chris Kenney all join in to discuss what could possibly be an “average” server.  Well, they listened to me talk about it! I need to let these guys talk more often.  Never fear, we can always do another one as I think we barely scratched the surface of the topic.

I do give some hints of some upcoming reviews. If you are a Media Center fan you will want to tune in for that.

Don’t forget the “3-2-1” rule of thumb for backups. 3 copies, 2 mediums, 1 offsite.

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Links and Notes for this episode

Synology releases DSM 5, DiskStation Manager

Good Synology and IP Camera Thread in the forums.

Installing WHS2011 in AHCI Mode 

OS WHS2011: $34.99 

HP Gen8 Microserver w/G1610T $327.24 

Stay tuned to the Deals section in the Forums for hard drives, etc.

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2 Responses

  1. Joe P. says:

    I have a single 4TB Seagate 5900 rpm data drive and a 160GB WD blue as the OS drive in an old PC case. No raid, nothing exotic. Just the bare minimum for backups.