Alternative Backup Ideas on Home Server Show 231

I’ve got an alternative backup idea for you and will share that as well as a little follow up on last week’s show.  A lot going on in the forums and we will talk about some posts.  Big week for the Meetup and I’ll announce a few things about that.  This was a fun show!  Enjoy.

Jim Collison can be found here and on Twitter.

I had an SSD question.

Forums are really hopping lately!

It’s an absolute blast to chat with you guys in these forums.  Thank you so much for particpating like you do.

Alternative Backups

I’ve been to Fry’s again and have a few things to discuss and share.  New Egg search on externals.

$99 at newegg, $79 at Frys.

Good deal on an external enclosure. If you already have a drive laying around why not put it to good use.

Also found this SanDisk 128GB SSD for $99 at Fry’s and it is $89 at newegg.  Was going to do the “match internet prices” thing at Frys but they were out of stock.

This SSD popped up on sale today:

Patriot Memory Gauntlet Node PCGTW25S 2.5″ Black USB 3.0 Wireless Hard-drive Enclosure – Fits 2.5″ HDD/SSD Wifi Storage    

Same at Fry’s only cheaper!

I’ve also been looking for a 16 port switch for my desk.

My WHS 2011 Build


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