Adding a Disk Drive to an already full Windows Home Server

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3 Responses

  1. pwestbro says:

    There are several other options, that I have used, when I upgraded my server.

    1) Turn off duplication on a share, where you have the data backed up somewhere else, just in case.

    2) Temporarily attach an external USB drive that has as much space as the drive that you are replacing. Then when you are done adding the new drive, you can remove the external drive

  2. AwesomeSpaceMonkey says:

    I'm just starting to research WHS to build my own server. This post states that you had to copy the data off the drive before you upgraded it. So the data was not duplicated on another drive in the server? What if your Disk 2 had failed before your upgrade? Would the data have been lost?

  3. Homeserver says:

    @pwestbro – Yes, good option. If you use an external drive somewhere on your network, copy some big files over to free up some space.

    @SpaceMonkey – In my article I didn't need to move files off to free up space. I deleted an old computer that was on my WHS at one time. When I deleted it WHS also deleted the backups and then I had enough space to remove a drive. If that drive had failed it would be business as usual for WHS. Anything that was on the drive that was duplicated would be safe.

    I suppose it can be confusing when dealing with removing drives. That's why the wizard is there to keep you safe and let you know when it's safe to remove the drive and put in a larger one.

    I could have copied files from the WHS to an external drive to free up space but in my case that was not necessary.

    If this doesn't make sense send me a message and I'll try to break it down further.

    Thanks for your comments!