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I got the idea for that title some months ago but it took a post in the Surface Geeks Forum to get me fired up enough to do something with it.  The poster went to his local Verizon store to get a Nokia Lumia 928 and was advised against doing so because, “Windows Phones don’t operate properly.”  I ran into the same issues when I tried to purchase my Windows Phone from Verizon. I got pushback from the store rep as well as a rep on the phone.  Besides informing Microsoft about the issue I don’t know how else to help.

The logo was also born from another experience I had at my local Microsoft Store. I walked in and received a text or twitter notification so I pulled out my Nokia Lumia 928.  A store employee was taken back and asked why I used it and how I felt about it.  I stated that I “enjoyed using it.” and that carrying a Windows Phone “made me feel different than everyone else.”

That’s how I felt.  Different.  Not better, mind you, but different from all of the “i” users out there.  If you’re a phone watcher like me you notice what phones people are carrying and you really notice when you see another Windows phone!

I need a different way to tell people around me about who I am.

Being different is cool.  I am 3% means your not afraid to step out and be different. You don’t follow the crowd because that’s the “in thing” at the moment.  You are a part of creating the “in thing” for the future.

I realize that Windows Phone will grow beyond 3% and it practically already has at 3.7%.  The number 3 has the most meaning to me.  It’s almost a state of mind really.  I probably won’t keep printing T’s at 3.7, 4.2, and so on! I think the enthusiasts will get the idea of the shirt and hopefully it will be a conversation starter when you are out in public.  I’ve added just a little bit of help on the back of the shirt by printing the domain, windowsphonegeeks.com.  That domain currently points to surfacegeeks.net and I’m planning on putting the logo up or create it’s own landing page.

I’ve heard Mary Jo Foley and Paul Thurrott talk about “being 3%” and 3.7% as a user base of Windows Phone on their Windows Weekly Podcast.  Although my idea wasn’t derived from their exact wording of 3% it lends me to believe that people might be interested in this type of t-shirt. Although, I do plan on shipping them a shirt if they will accept one.  I’ll also be shipping one to Joshua Grzybowski aka @sonofnun for helping with the artwork.

Here are the details since I couldn’t talk the screen printer into giving them to me for free.  

I have a limited first run of these in a Gildan Charcoal t-shirt.  This first run is going to be $20 per shirt shipped to you in the continental United States.  I’m not going to ship out of the states right now.  This is already way out of my comfort zone.  If this is popular enough my goal is to reduce the cost and increase the quality of the shirt.  If you are coming to Meetup 2013 you are free to buy one now or I might be able to make them available at registration.  All of these options above depend on the demand.

I have any color you want as long as it’s charcoal.  Size too, as long as it’s Large or X-Large. I’m wearing the XLarge in the photo above. (please don’t judge me on my laundry skills!)



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