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QNAP and SmartThings V2, Pre-Meetup 2015

SmartThings V2 hub is here! We talk a little bit on migrating and complain about it mostly.  QNAP, transcoding, and a little preview to Meetup 2015.  Out with the old SmartThings hub(like in the...


Meetup 2015 is on the way!

It’s September and Meetup 2015 is just around the corner.  We are around 40 participants registered!  So many that I had to increase the inventory on the paypal registration!  That’s awesome.  I look forward...


Windows 10 and the Home Server

Are you installing Windows 10? Do you have a server at home or work?  Windows Server 2012? Essentials Server? Let’s talk about the old, and the new! 2016!  Susan Bradley, SBS MVP joins to...